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First off, my name is Irish and pronounced Ea-veen.

My life is constant change & my studio is in my camera bag.

From growing up a Navy brat, I joined the Navy in ‘84 & married into the Navy in ‘88, then the Army in ‘97. I have proudly spent most of my life, in one form or another, in the military. Since leaving active duty in ‘90, I have been a Chef, a Nurse, a Paramedic & now a Photographer. I have also raised two daughters and survived two marriages.

I started out as an art model at age 11, which I did on & off until my last shoot for a calendar in ‘10. Throughout my life I've had the privilege of working with many great artists, whose ideas started with a picture that became so much more as they created ART. I have been blessed with these experiences to guide & help shape my unique approach to photography.

It seems like I've always had some sort of camera, but when I bought my first digital point & shoot in ‘98 I was hooked. I still love the freedom to take as many pictures as I want, see them instantly & to edit them in Photoshop.

In ‘06 I was asked for permission to use my pictures for publication so I created Rogue Photos. I bought a Sony H-7 bridge camera, took some basic classes & started working behind the camera. In ‘07 I upgraded to the Sony A700, & in ‘10 I purchased the FF Sony A900.

In Aug ‘11 I started at Betterphoto, and after 26 classes in 15 months, I currently hold a Master Pro Photographer certification & am working on my Master Instructor certification.

I upgraded Nov '12 to the brand new Sony A99. With the best Sony lenses in my kit, I have a range of 20 - 400 mm all at f/2.8. My equipment also includes a hot shoe flash, many filters, studio lighting, a light box, a Manfrotto tripod with a pistol grip, an Alienware laptop with the latest version of Photoshop & the very best plugins to make processing photos fun!

I specialize in candid portraiture, but never limiting myself, I strive to have a solid proficiency in all forms of Photography.

I’ve had photos published in military publications; Used in newsletters & websites for the SCA; I photographed & designed the Juicy Skin Calendar '09; I have a NM Press Pass & free-lance for two newspapers and one radio station; I do promotional work for bands, bike clubs, actors & models; Built websites for two businesses & a band. My photos have been featured in Biker Magazine & Sun City Biker Magazine.

I am currently working on a bike feature for a motorcycle magazine and putting together a collection of train photos on canvas for a gallery showing.

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