My Mini-Pic

My photographic journey began in 2005 when I received a Sony Cyber Shot as a birthday gift. I soon found great pleasure in taking pictures and my little camera was never very far from my hand. Much to the frustration of my family, who had become the subjects of many, many family portraits.

In May of 2009, I purchased my gently used Nikon D70 and began my DSLR photographic journey. By 2010, I assigned myself the task of learning my camera. I took my camera off automatic and began learning its manual settings. It was the best decision I could have made! I'd go out shooting and quickly download the images for my critical evaluation. I didn't know how to take images like those I'd admired. But, I certainly knew what I didn't like. I'd spend hours on the internet researching and little by little I'd find helpful information that helped broaden my understanding. Today, I know more than I did then. But, I'm not done yet and I expect this to be a lifetime journey of learning.

I am very fortunate to have a wonderful group of friends and family who support and encourage me on this photo journey. I’m thankful to my parents, Janet and Fred Capra, you’ve given me my values and believed in me; David Anderson, who patiently encourages and accompanies me to places of interest; My beautiful daughter and her equally handsome husband, Katherine and Michael Fernandes, my inspiration; My son, Bryan Edmonston who hates having his image taken except, when he’s riding motocross and actively participating in basketball and volleyball; Noni Bell, my amazing grandmother, I’ve never know life without your love, support and encouragement; My brothers who say little but, in that say great things; My family support continues and although I have not named them all, they are a part of this journey. I love you all more than ……..

Please enjoy “La Mia Bella Foto”, My Beautiful Photos.

Carla Capra

 Portrait or Personal Image

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