Bitten by the Photo Bug, Again

“Life isn’t about finding yourself; it’s about creating yourself. So dream big, and create well.”

Hello all, my name is Deb. I’ve re-connected with a childhood dream; becoming a photographer. I was the one in the family taking pictures of Thanksgiving dinner from all sorts of angles. Looking back, this was a big clue that I had been bitten by the “Photo Bug”! Now, this unrealized dream and um-teen years later, I’ve been bitten again, and have been blessed with a new Canon EOS Rebel XS. So, here I am taking classes with, and having fun.

Ultimately, I'm a nature girl who is the happiest out on the trail surrounded by natures beauty. My goal for the near future will be to wear out a really good pair of hiking boots, while getting some great shots of our amazing beloved Mother Earth. Regards, ~ Deb

 Portrait or Personal Image

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