My Mini-Pic

I've lived in Valdez, Alaska, almost my entire life and have always been fascinated with photography. I had made a couple attempts at learning the art but the difficulty of dealing with film at a very remote location quickly discouraged me. The advent of digital cameras renewed my interest because of the quick feedback and embedded data but I hesitated a couple years from lack of confidence. My wife, Kayla, finally pushed me into the water with strong prompting and a request for photos of her dogs. I bought a Sony DSC-F707 in June of 2002 and started sharing photos of the beautiful scenery around my home town using this Betterphoto gallery. I purchased a Sony DSC-R1 in June of 2006 and I'm still shooting with that camera. I hope you enjoy my tour of Valdez and other parts of Alaska as well photos of our dogs and occasional unrelated subjects.

 Portrait or Personal Image

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