My Mini-Pic

Well, its been almost 15 years now since I started being the guy who always has a camera with him. My interest in photography was originally started by lighthouses. I was in the navy at the time, and my job was to navigate a submarine that was stationed in Pearl Harbor HI. I developed a serious affection for lighthouses because at the end of the day they got me home, and I wanted to capture memories of these lighthouses.
Now in the year 2009, my love for lighthouses is still strong, but the primary focus of my camera these days is my children. I have three wonderful kids whom I refer to as my "WILD HEATHENS", and they absolutely love to pose for dad's camera. It wasn't until now though, that I have committed to fully learning the details and nuances about photography and my camera. Up until this point I was willing to sacrifice and accept ok photos, but now I am in search of the detail and quality that will help me capture the feeling and emotion of the moment when taking pictures of my children. My fear of forgetting these times with them is strong!
You can also compound all that with the fact that I am a very technical person, and it annoyed the ever living daylights out of me to not truly knowing and understanding my camera! LOL


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