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Decided to get back into photography in the fall of 2008 after years of "wishing". Went out and bought a Canon digital Rebel T1i. I have over the years acquired different cameras, lenses and digital image processing software as limitations were met in my attempts to use my images to show a scene as to how I actually saw/felt it, or how I thought it should "really" be. It has become a wonderful pastime/hobby, providing a wonderful excuse to get out. And it has taken me to places and events that I probably would not have otherwise. But primarily, it has helped me to stop and really "see" this world that I am in, and a part of. My hope is that you will be able to see/feel some of what I did as I pressed the shutter. Thanks to all who have commented here at Better Photo, for your suggestions and help.

I keep the most recent contest entries, some of the BetterPhoto winners/finalists, and a selection of some of my personal favorites here in my Basic BetterPholio. To view more of my work/play, please visit my web site at:

Thanks for stopping by. All comments are very much appreciated.

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