My Mini-Pic

I've been promoting this website in my photography club newsletter for years, I've finally joined myself. There are so many good photographers onboard, I hope my photos will be worthy of my friends Sherry A., Greg C. and Jocelyn P. from my photo club.

Most of my photos will be of my daily travels through my new home state of Missouri and northern Arkansas ( some roadside oddities ) . I have little time to do any Photo Shop work, so what you see will most likely be what I shot.

My early introduction to photography/photojournalism began when I did zinc plate photo engraving for a weekly newspaper while in high school. I was a photojournalist in the Navy, I didn't get serious with photography again until the mid 90's.

I started out with a Canon QTL, then an EOS Elan IIE and now a Canon 30D,( I love the 30D, ready for an upgrade already ).

I like to photograph landscapes, people, old cars, and creative images. I may have to show some grandchildren images every once in ahwile. I hope you enjoy my view of the world.

 Portrait or Personal Image

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