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Hi, for your information, I am a proud Aussie. Although, I was born in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1947, I am a fully Naturalised Australian resident and I have lived here since 1953. I now reside with my beloved jackie, in a town called Tin Can Bay, in the Cooloola region of South East Queensland, Australia. Indeed, a beautiful part of the world!

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There, via my contact form, I may be contacted for any reason; including information regarding my photo critiquing group, "Friends For Finer Photography" (includes a Monthly Theme) where you can have your photos critiqued.

I have been involved with photography since the purchase of my first SLR (35mm) back in the late 1990's. My interest has grown to the point now where I can't get enough of the subject and am now involved as a photojournalist for our region's newspaper, the Gympie Times and run a small business doing photography tours in Tin Can Bay.

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I have a mountain of photography books and have even collated material for my own reference purposes.
I am sometimes called upon to do photo judging in our town and I enjoy that very much also.
My kit now comprises:
2xPentax MZ50 cameras (now never get used)
2xPentax K5 digital cameras,1x18-50mm Pentax digital lens, 1x28-200mm Sigma lens, 1x70-300mm Sigma lens, 1x100mm Pentax 2.8 Macro lens, 1xPentax 14mm lens, 1x135-400mm Sigma APO lens, 1x 2x converter, remote shutter release, Minolta Fv light meter, sturdy tripod and other bits and pieces to assist in lighting, etc.
For photo editing, I use several popular programs but first go to the Windows 7 program for basics; great for a quick job and an excellent program for beginners.
I might add, if your looking for a neat and fast little photo resizing program,
I can highly recommend it.

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