My Mini-Pic

I have always enjoyed taking pictures. My closets are full of albums! Now with the new digital era I love it even more. I live on Long Island with my husband. I have the Canon Rebel XT and two extra lenses, a Tamron 90mm macro and a Canon 70-300 zoom. I do very little post editing other than cropping and sharpening when it needs it. I try to capture the best possible picture without all the trickwork. I am mostly a weekend photographer and wish I could drop my day job to dedicate more time to taking pictures and travel, travel, travel. I am learning so much on this webiste just by looking out all the outstanding pictures I view here and hope my skills improve as I go along. I took one course on BP so far and hope to take another one in the near future. Closeups are my favorites.

 Portrait or Personal Image

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