My Mini-Pic

My interest in photography started in high school. My dad gave me a really old canon as a hs graduation gift. Years later, my dear husband bought me a Canon Rebel 2000. I was hooked! When our daughter was born, my parents gave my husband and I our first digital camera so we could e-mail them photos of their granddaughter. My daughter now has fun with the fugi point and shoot. I started to get serious with photography when my daughter was born five years ago. I had her photo taken at various places, but the traditional posed look isn't a favorite of mine. So every month I started taking photos of my baby so I could see how she changed from month to month. To me those photos are a capture of a moment in time that I will treasure forever.
I upgraded to the Canon RebelXT 350D last year. I love it and take it with me everywhere. Portraits are my favorite and I especially love taking photos of kids, young or old. My daughter Lyndsie is now five and will be starting kindergarten in a month. She lights up our life. We hope to give her a sibling someday, she would prefer a sister:) We have four cats to round out our family.
I hope to create treasured memories for my family, friends and anyone who trusts in me to photograph their life's special moments. My plan is to someday build a career for myself in photography, but right now I'll continue to learn as much as I can to become a better photographer.

 Portrait or Personal Image

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