Whether subjects found here in the Ohio Valley or images made from my travels, my photographs reveal my eye for intricate details, glowing colors and the Extra-Ordinary in the ordinary. Nothing inspires me more than natural subjects. Animals are always my passion, along with bold, colorful flowers, or dramatic ocean views. Some of my images are presented “as - is”, with no digital manipulation at all, while others have made use of such creative tools in order to enhance certain qualities that caught my eye when I first stopped to make the photographs.

The study of the art of photography has been God’s gift to my life. I’ve met talented, caring people and learned to see in a new and exciting way. I have been blessed to have teachers who inspired and encouraged me. They taught me that the creative art of photography is not defined by mechanical tools, equipment or repetitive technique, but by combining these with heart-felt Vision. A camera is a useless tool without the mind and eye of the photographer.

After seeing my photographs, I hope viewers stop and take a second or third look at flowers that grow in their neighbor’s yard or notice a rugged, enduring tree they pass every day on their drive to work. I hope they notice the glow of sunlight through translucent petals of red spring tulips or marvel at the dramatic backlight shining through golden autumn leaves. I hope they share with me a renewed sense of Vision, of seeing and celebrating the details we often miss in our natural world.

 Portrait or Personal Image

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