In a world that I perceive to be randomly chaotic there lies a simple benevolent spirit, in all things, from which I cannot separate myself. When I look through the camera, framed within dimensions, I allow myself to clarify, compose and remove any discord to form a simple image. This is an image my minds eye creates to stay in touch with that… spirit.

I’m a freelance documentary, editorial and fine art photographer from Missoula, Montana. I attended the Rocky Mountain School of Photography’s, Summer Intensive Program more than a decade ago and began instructing photography workshops soon after graduating.

Before a zealous pursuit of photographic art, I was an outdoor educator for almost twenty years, passionately teaching people new backcountry skills in orienteering, mountaineering, avalanche awareness and wilderness first aid.

My teaching philosophy is fun, visionary and full of creative persistence, and I learn as much from every teaching experience as my students learn from me. The communication of knowledge and experience is always a two-way street.

Discovery is finding something… I found photography and my discovery began. Many years later, I’m still finding photography everywhere I go. I’ve come to recognize, it is within the “finding”, not the “finding something”, that is true discovery.

 Portrait or Personal Image

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