I have always been interested in photography. My first camera was a Brownie given to me by a favorite Aunt. I am interested in all types of photography, macro, botanical, landscapes, but my passion is portraiture, whether it be animals or people in the studio or enviromental. To capture those special moments in life. Whether those moments be moments of joy and happiness or sadness and melancholy. Most of my photography until lately has been film based black and white, I have however recently invested in a digital camera. I have been married to the most wonderful woman for the past 38 years. We have one son who is a portrait painter, and a dog that thinks he is a human. I have a portrait studio in my home and I am looking forward to opening one in a retail outlet.

From now on there won't be a gesture, nor a blink of the eye, which doesn't commit me irrevocably, which doesn't change the course of my life.

 Portrait or Personal Image

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