My Mini-Pic

GEEZ! I hate talking about myself!!! I don't really remember when I traded my paint brush for a camera . I've tried my hand at landscape painting, which began many years ago.....a talent with which I am honored to have inherited from my Dad. He was a MASTER at ANYTHING he touched!! Time and space was limited for oil painting, so that hobby was put aside...then I discovered how fun it is to carry a camera with me and take pictures of things I might want to paint in the future.....well.....the painting is still on hold....still no time or space. So other than being a farm wife and Mother, taking pictures seems to be a new found love. I hope that you enjoy my photos as well as I have taking them!!! In my gallery, you will find my most recent entries and then following those, you will find my Winners and Finalists. To view other images, please visit Thanks for looking!!

 Portrait or Personal Image

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