I am someone who enjoys the beauty of nature. As a child, I constantly searched the roadside ditches, during those long rides to somewhere, for the small patch of colorful wildflowers. I helped my grandfather develop photos and movies in his photo lab. I longed to capture beauty forever.

My Canon 7D with a 28-105mm lens is my tool. Sometimes my husband loans me his big lens, the Canon 100-400mm. I experiment with a 70-300mm and LensBaby. I carry my Iphone with me all the time. I usually look for photo subjects with my husband, who enjoys taking pictures. I live in the middle of the country, and, while there are far more scenic places elsewhere, I find the beautiful without going too far from home.

In life, I usually see the "big picture," but when I take a photo, I need the core detail as the subject, always seeking a closer look. It seems there is significant perspective in the intricacy of magnified detail that creates new meaning.

I am an avid photo hobbyist in search of beauty, peace, and purpose in creation. I hope that God, reflected in these photos, along with a desire to know Him more, will resonate within you, as it does in me.

 Portrait or Personal Image

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