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The life of the man behind the viewfinder.

I am a wildlife photographer at the age of 24 now living in Merredin, Western Australia I have been taking photos for 7 years. My photography journey all started back at high school in Year 12, when I was thrown into photography class after one of my subjects was dropped. I didn't really take photography all that seriously at that stage because I didn't have enough time to really learn or get into the work. It turns out that being thrown into that class changed everything for me. It was that class that started off my passion for photography and I had no idea, at this stage, that it would eventually lead to what I have got to today.

My passions include photography, motorbikes, and my main passion that I have carried with me since I could walk is my passion for invertebrates or entomology (the study of insects). I have always struggled with the collection process of having to kill the insects to preserve them as specimens. So one day while taking photos out in the garden for a photography project I took a photo of a Cicada, it opened up another side to photography I had not thought about until then. It suddenly occurred to me that instead of killing specimens for collection I could take photos, it was a real eureka moment for me.

I work for the Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) where I go out into the field helping to maintain and conserve DEC estate (nature reserves). This job suits me very well as I am a keen conservationist and wildlife photographer so my work helps support my photography.

I have been in the local Merredin Mercury newspaper many times for my photography. I have also featured in the Bridgetown/Manjimup Times whilst living down south for a year in Pemberton. I have won several competitions, shows and my work has been used for a website, a book, calendars, brochures, interpretive signage, banners, and many other publications.

I am a part of the Australian Photographic Society (APS) and a member of the Merredin Photography Club where I shares my knowledge and experience with other aspiring photographers. Me and one other colleague were the original two who started up the club back in 2007 where I was Competitions Manager, Club Site Manager and IT Worker; I am now IT and Web Site Manager for the club and I have been asked to do some workshops for the members also.

My very first camera was the Digimax 430 which was a digital compact camera. It can take photos sure, but it just didn't quite cut it with quality and settings, it just had too many limitations. After a while I found that I really needed something more substantial, so I moved up to a Digital SLR the Canon 350D. I then spent most of my time in the native bushland taking photos and learning by doing, Learning out there in the field, hands on is the best way in my opinion.

I hope that through my photos I can show you a different world, a world that we don't often stop to look at and really take in. To show you something you don't often see and to see things from another perspective. I will never stop learning in this field of work and you never lose that feeling when you capture the perfect shot and share that moment with others.

So here I am sharing my unique moments with you, I hope you enjoy the photos in the gallery. Please comment and tell me a bit about yourself, or if you prefer you can email me via the website.

Thanks for reading : )


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