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High Cloud Village, Austria


My wife is THE photographer in our family - see her gallery at www.betterphoto.com?ccm - and she convinced me that I also should show a few of my pictures in a separate gallery. Sort of internal competition? No way!

I photographed a lot in the late fifties and sixties, developed and printed many of them - black & white only - in my own darkroom. Later came many slides shots. Now, in retirement, when I take pictures it is landscapes and sunsets and maybe the moon.

And I have a big collection of "Christine in Action" where she is photographing everything, be it in our garden, on the dining table, in the desert, on the mountains, everywhere.

We use Nikon and Pentax cameras. Analog in the past and now three digital: Nikon D7000, K-7D, K-x mainly as backup, and the old *istDL converted to Infrared only, in the handbag a new Pentax RS1500 (a win for Christine in a Pentax competition), and a Fuji FinePix J 27 in the pants pocket). My main "work" is the technical part of CS5, PSE 9 and Lightroom 3.6. I have taken both of Robin Nichols' excellent BP courses as well as Richard Lynch's Layers and the Colour course and Lightroom courses. I help my wife with her art, and make photobooks of our trips.

Enjoy the pictures and I love to get comments, from good to lousy!

Updated 16 October 2013

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