I am a physician, teacher, and father of a 9 yo boy. In my free time, I’m a photographer. I live in central Massachusetts; I’ve lived in MA my whole life. I really got started as a photographer about 15 years ago, after I shot my first roll of Velvia in Acadia National Park and got some images that really surprised and excited me.

My camera now goes wherever my life leads me; therefore, I tend to photograph my son, our vacations (typically Acadia National Park-my favorite place to photograph, Disney, Florida, Cape Cod), around town, zoos, ball games, beach… Most of the time I photograph family. I guess that I like nature photography best, but I love shooting people too. I’ve never shot in a studio. I’ve recently upgraded my equipment (Canon 5D Mark II, 28-105L, 100-400L, also Canon G9) as I previously struggled to get sharp images. I’ve been very happy with this combo so far. The flash and a polarizing filter are always in my bag; I haven’t used other filters to date. I rarely use a tripod.

BetterPhoto has been a great resource for me. It’s taught me a lot about improving my compositions. The teachers and the community have helped me improve my images greatly.

I hope that you enjoy my work.

 Portrait or Personal Image

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