I just love taking pictures of anything and everything! I have always enjoyed photography, even at an early age and was really hooked when I purchased my first digital camera to use at the preschool where I work.
It has opened up a whole new world for me. Nature and the great outdoors are my passion! There is such a wide variety of Gods wonderful world to explore, from the smallest of ladybugs to chasing grand rainbows in the sky, the setting of the sun and everything in between. Everyday is an opportunity to photograph something new and exciting.
My husband has been a wonderful supporter of my hobby and even joins in on the fun!
I have one dog, seven cats and fun preschool children who make fantastic subjects. They love to have their picture taken.
As I become more skilled, I would love to see my work out in the community, in a calendar or purchased.

Thank you for visiting, and I thank BP for their great website and to all of the members who share their fantastic pictures everyday.
Laura Lee


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