Thank you for visiting my gallery! I am a southern country gal & have been the family historian & photographer beginning with several film cameras & now a Canon XTi (400D). I am an incurable sentimentalist wanting to have a photograph of every event in our life. We encouraged our girls to be interested in Fine Art at an early age, by touring museums & dressing up like famous paintings for homeschool projects. We apparently never out grew dress-up as my girls & husband continue to help me with my dreamed up schemes for more projects to make our own Fine Art.
Photography has helped me to 'see' everything & anything in a whole new perspective. I enjoy all types & subjects of photography but my passion is faces and relationships. Whether it be new loves, or still in-loves, how you feel about your pets, your hobbies, whatever makes you happy. I love replicating all kinds of 'time period photos'. My youngest daughter had a 16th century Renaissance theme wedding in 2007 & I was able to combine photographs with graphic designs for their entire wedding, beginning with her engagement through the reception & Thank You cards. Details are so important to me & my wonderful family indulges me as I research & gather props & costumes to re-create every element as accurate as possible.
I want you to 'feel' something when you look at my photographs & for others to feel good about themselves in an image is truly an art that I am proud to be a part of. I dedicate this gallery to my family, especially my husband, for supporting me in my endeavors to look for the beauty in all things & to record for others the ordinary & the extrordinary life events we all cherish.

 Portrait or Personal Image

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