Forty years experience in photographing varied subject matter (landscapes, nature portraits, animals, etc.) utilizing slide, color, and black and white print film formats. I set up a dark room to process and print black and white photographs as well as color prints. For the past seven years, I have been involved in photographing and printing digital computer prints, utilizing Photoshop software, and am in the process of converting my print negatives and slide positives to a digital format. Additionally, I’ve taught fundamental techniques of black and white photography in the dark room, mounting of prints for presentation, as well as lectured on the basics of digital photography and print enhancement.My work has been exhibited in various locations on Long Island, N.Y.,and have won numerous awards in photographic sponsored competitions.

Presently, I am using a Canon 7D & 7D Mark II Digital Cameras with various wide angle and telephoto lenses.

 Portrait or Personal Image

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