My Mini-Pic

I have enjoyed taking pictures my entire life. I remember my first camera was this small square camera that used 126 film. I used all my extra money buying film to snap pics of my friends and family.

In 2001 my husband bought me my Maxxum. I bought books and read all I could about photography. I wasn't working so I snapped hundreds of pictures. Some good, some not so good but it was fun.

In the past few years or so I've tried to get more serious about my photography. I've made pictures at several small weddings and made portraits of my friend's kids. I finally quit my real job and am trying to be a shutterbug full time. I just don't want to loose my passion for it and it turn out to be "just a job."

Anyway, I stumbled upon this site and immediately knew I needed to hang out here more often.


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