Former writer, and mother of four. I've enjoyed photography since high school, where I still remember taking a photo of my sister in a leather jacket, a picture of high heels and lipstick and my sister's senior photos. And developing all but the senior photos. Although I still own an incredibly old Nikon that I picked up at a yard sale for $5 (complete with telephoto and wide angle lens) 35mm SLR, I truly love digital cameras. I started my digital revolution with the Sony FD-88, moved onto the FD-90, the CD-500 and then the F828. I stuck with Sony for the h10 and truly love the versatility of my Sonys, but am starting to play with other cameras as well...I currently own an Olympus SZ-12. No matter the camera, I truly believe that it is one's view and vision that creates the picture. Hopefully, my photographic perspective is unique and is apparent in the photos I take and share on this site.

There are some amazing photographers out there, and here is a listing of some that I find interesting or inspiring:

-Paul Bartholomew
-Mike Ash (1951-2004)
- Guy Tal

- Gunther Allen
- Cathy I . Barrows
- Diane L. Dupuis-Kallos
- Claudette Foote
- Jan K. France
- Bill Houghton
- Nathan Lubian
- Roger D. Meador
- Anupam Pal
- Kerby Pfrangle
- Tammy Scott
- Jan Stadelmyer
- Michael S. Swaffar
- Rakesh Syal
- Melissa L. Zavadil

 Portrait or Personal Image

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