I'm a woman in my sixties - who was reintroduced to cameras in 2004. After many years away from this art form, my dearest friend gave a small digital camera on my 58th birthday. It turned out to be the gift of a lifetime. From that moment on, it was a whole new world of wonder.

Thanks to the support and encouragement of my best friend, I began to spend hours outdoors with my camera. Fellow members (and now dear friends) from two online photography communities helped me develop my skills through comments and critiquing. I have the "Eye"; now it sees things more clearly.

My philosophy is that "The Gift of Sight is a Blessing. The Gift of Sight thru a Camera Lens is a Miracle!" I try to see everything in my world as a Miracle, hoping that it will feel like that to you too.

Constructive Criticism is really appreciated - either Why you like an image (or Why you don't care for it, including Whats and Hows you think might improve it.)


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