Born & raised in North Idaho with mountains literally as my front & back yard, I grew up in awe of the Creator's creation!
Even at a young age, I was about "capturing" life & it's moments.
As an adult, the surroundings may have changed, but the fascination with photography has never lost it's "flare"!
I find digital freeing & a good on-the-spot learning tool.
Experimenting with PhotoShop & LightRoom stimulates my creative soul...especially when it all works out! ;)
I'm inspired by many things & the subject matter is most often captured with my Canons.
I've had some favorite accomplishments & enjoy a good portrait session (senior, engagement, band promo) when the time arises. But it is especially nice to just get out & enjoy life with a camera & photo buddy at my side. And it's especially nice when that time well spent brings some enjoyment into the life of others as well.
Along life's journey, I've been blessed with a supportive family, inspiring friends, a fellowship of photographers & a wonderful network here at BetterPhoto.
THANK YOU for visiting my gallery!! :0)

"This world is but canvas to our imaginations." Thoreau

 Portrait or Personal Image

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