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MVBP Rewards

Our Gift To You!

Effective January 1st, 2008, BetterPhoto is offering a fantastic program to express our gratitude to our most active customers. Much like a "frequent flier" program, the BetterPhoto MVBP Rewards Program is our way of giving thanks to you - our valued customer. MVBP stands for Most Valued BetterPhotographer. We appreciate your loyal patronage at and your continuing commitment to learning the craft of photography.

For every five interactive online courses you take, you will receive a 50% discount on your next course! For instance, after your purchase of five full-price courses, you will see a listing of available classes in your Member Center (on the My Courses page). You will be provided with a non-transferable promo code on the order form to get your 50% off discount. Select one of your favorite classes and enter your promo code when you order to get your discount.

NOTE: Your 50% off discount code expires one year from date of issue.


         Q:  How do I qualify?
         A:  Simple. When you take five interactive online classes, you will see a list of available courses in your Member Center (My Courses page) and be given a 50% off promo code.
         Q:  How do I get the 50% off code?
         A:  The code will be automatically applied to your course order and the discount will be taken off of your enrollment fee. You will see a listing of available classes in the Courses tab of your Member Center. As you enroll, you will be provided with a non-transferable promo code on the order form to get your 50% off discount.
         Q:  Do I have to click on a course in my Member Center to get the code or can I enroll by clicking on the regular course listing?
         A:  For the promotional code to be applied to your order, you must enroll via the listing in your Member Center.
         Q:  Can I use the code on any class?
         A:  Yes, providing there are spots available when you register. Each class will have limited seating for the MVBP Rewards Program, available on a first come, first served basis. If this limited availability is reserved by another customer, you can choose from the other available classes or wait for a future session.
         Q:  Does each class I take at 50% off count toward my future rewards in the program?
         A:  The class you take at 50% off does not count. After taking five classes at full price, your 6th is 50% off. If you then take five more at full price, you get another discounted course. And so on, for as many classes as you like!
         Q:  What if I've taken 4 classes?
         A:  When you take your next class, you will automatically qualify for a 50% off discount code that you can use on your 6th class.
         Q:  What if I've taken 14 classes?
         A:  Your 50% class will not count but when you take your next class (your 15th paid-in-full class), you will earn yet another 50% off discount code to use on your 16th paid-in-full class.
         Q:  Can I transfer my discount to a friend?
         A:  No, these are non-transferable but there are other benefits for you and your friends with our Refer-a-Friend Program:

You send your friend an email using a special form in your Member Center. If the friend signs up, you get sent a $20 Thank You card from BetterPhoto which can be applied to your next course. To participate, sign into your Member Center and then click the Courses tab; next, click the link to the Refer-A-Friend form. For more information, follow this link:

         Q:  Can I apply my Refer-a-Friend promotional code to my 50% MVBP Class?
         A:  No, the MVBP classes cannot be combined with any other promotion.
         Q:  Does the discount expire?
         A:  Yes, the 50% off discount expires one year from date of issue.
         Q:  Can I combine discounts to get a free class?
         A:  No, those who participate in the MVBP Rewards program are limited to using only 1 discount code per session.
         Q:  Do courses I have taken with a ClassTrack count toward future rewards?
         A:  YES! When you complete a year-long ClassTrack™, you already qualify for a free Pro BetterPholio Web site. In addition, your classes count toward a future reward. While you will not earn a 50% discount on the 6th class of your ClassTrack, the paid-in-full ClassTrack courses will count toward a future reward.
         Q:  Does your course refund policy apply to the course I choose with the MVBP discount?
         A:  Because of the special discount you are receiving and the limited space in each course, there are no refunds, rollovers or course switches allowed.

If you have taken 5 or more classes, you can take advantage of MVBP Rewards Program today! Sign into your Member Center and click on the My Courses tab.

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