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Weekly Photography Challenges

Has this club been put to rest? ...
picture something that means summer fun to you ...
Week of July 11 thru July 18, 2012

This week's challenge is Ridiculous! Every day we see things that ar ...

Weekly Challenge: Fresh Fruit and Vegetables ...
I posted a cloud, did not know the challenge was a year old and my cloud seems to be the only one. Lets have a ...
5-16 Weekly Challenge
This weeks challenge will be " Clouds", post up to two images where clouds are eithr the main focal point or an important part of it.. Please do not post images you have already postes with th is club it is insulting to the active photographers of the this club. As always I look forward to seeing your images
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Club Charter

This is a club for anyone who enjoys the idea of a weekly challenge. The purpose is to keep us challenged and motivated to shoot something new every week and receive feedback from others to help us grow and improve our skills.

The club is run by the participants - that's you! :) Anyone may post a challenge. Simply click on "Club Discussions", then "Start a new topic". The subject line should be your challenge. As a general rule, try to allow a challenge to run for a week before posting a new challenge. However, there is certainly nothing wrong with more than one challenge running concurrently! Challenges may encompass a technique, a theme, an emotion - anything that captures your interest.

When you participate in a challenge, post your favorite images in the club gallery. Provide a very brief synopsis of

the image – tech details and perhaps a very short sentence about the chosen subject. Other members may critique the image and offer

feedback on submitted images.


1. This is not meant as a contest and there are no awards other than

enjoying sharing and learning from one another.

2. Please post only two or three images a week

3. Please include as much

tech detail as you can so that we can learn from each other

4. When offering feedback/critique, keep in mind that every one of

us, no matter what level of experience, started at the same place; barely knowing which way to hold the camera. Disrespecting another

photographer’s work is not only rude but against the spirit of this club. We are all here to encourage one another, to share and to


5. In addition to offering critiques, please feel free to ask questions of the photographer, so that you may learn from

their work

Some guidelines for critiquing:

a. Very short critiques such as “this is nice” or “not great” are not helpful

and should be avoided

b. A good format for helpful critique might be: a couple of sentences about what you like followed by a

couple offering suggestions or alternatives for the photographer to try.

c. Rudeness will not be tolerated! Please be honest,

but also be kind and supportive.

Owner:   Pat Harry
Created:   10/11/2007
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