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With BetterPhoto Clubs, you can create a group so you can interact and bond with photo friends, old and new. Share and discuss photos, exchange tricks of the trade, and even get together in person for group photo excursions!

BetterPhoto Clubs can be created by region, camera, or photography topic. Your Club gallery will offer the group a place to display member photos and discuss each other's work. Event listings make it easy to plan get-togethers and shoots.

Above all, BetterPhoto Clubs are an arena for you to share your photos and make friends with others who share your love of photography! Have fun making photos and making new friends!

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    BetterPhoto Clubs based on geographic location. If you would like to make friends with fellow photography enthusiasts in your neck of the woods, this is the Club BP for you.
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    BetterPhoto Clubs based on camera make and model. If you would like to make friends with photography enthusiasts that use the same camera that you use, this is the Club BP for you.
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Beauty in Flowers 
Name: Beauty in Flowers
Owner: Edgar Monzon
Date Created: 9/26/2007
Number of Members: 460
Club Type: Topical
Membership: Join
This is a Topic club to share experiences and tips in any kind of flower photography.


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